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Relationship Issues

Do you feel disrespected or not appreciated? Like you wish you were the number one on your partner's list but sadly feel that you're not!

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  • There is a lack of physical or emotional intimacy.
  • You’re in a repetitive cyclic pattern of conflict.
  • You think negatively about your partner.
  • You feel: ‘This is not an equal partnership.’
  • You feel there’s a lack of quality time together.
  • Your partner blames you.
  • Your partner puts you down.
  • Your partner lashes out in anger.
  • You are not assertive.
  • You’ve lost hope.
  • You just continually respond to your partner with: “Yes Dear”… “Yes Dear.”
  • You feel: “He’s absolutely clueless!”
  • You feel: “This is just not what I envisioned marriage to be.”

 There are solutions to all these and other problems.

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