Pre-Marriage Workshops

Love is not the only ingredient needed to make your marriage work!

Couple skills need to be learned –

They don’t come automatically! We need to put in the effort to learn them. Knowing these skills makes all the difference in the world! It will ensure that you have a fun-filled, meaningful and successful relationship for the rest of your lives together!

You need to learn how to argue. How you consistently come to a win-win compromise. Come to our informative and comprehensive workshops geared especially for you and learn what you need to know about getting married and all the tools you’ll need to ensure its success.

Don’t become another divorce statistic! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re having a honeymoon-life now that you are going to know how to handle the inevitable marital issues of the future!

Waiting till you already have issues is taking an awful risk on the most important thing of your life – marital bliss! Be smart! Consider this knowledge as preventative medicine. Avoid all the pit-falls everyone else is falling into. Arm yourself with knowledge that will prevent you from ruining your own happiness. The value of these classes is priceless!

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Pre-Marriage Workshop 

Basic Skills

Advanced Skills 




Contact me at 818-268-1721.

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