Couple Skills

Being in an intimate relationship can be one of the greatest human joys. Sad to say, it can also be one of the greatest sources of pain and conflict. 

The feeling of being in love begins with so much hope.

My dreams of: finally finding someone who understands and accepts me; who loves me for who I am; who cares for me and cherishes me; who appreciates and respects me; who needs and wants me - are finally realized.

There is excitement, deep passion, a feeling of belonging, of protection and feeling safe – the dream of a lasting bond has finally materialized.

But hope collides with the realities of life: differences of opinion erupt – and words wound; divergent needs pull you in different directions; expectations are not realized; anger divides; judgment erodes the once easy acceptance of each other; disillusionment or worse sets in.

What makes a good relationship get better and not worse?

How do we make intimacy grow and last?

How do we make it work?

Some say it’s a matter of luck - the good fortune of finding the ‘right one.’ Others say it is the strength of your dream – the strength of your commitment to love itself. Others say you must have mutual interests or common values. Above all, the experts say that you need to learn skills – couple skills.

Case after case, relationships that endure and deepen are formed by couples who know and practice basic interpersonal skills: listening, clear communication, negotiation, handling anger appropriately, and so on.

I will help you develop and polish the skills you need to refresh and keep your love alive. You will become more skillful at being a couple. From the very beginning you’ll be relating differently to your partner.

I will teach you the approach that has proven to be the most effective. You can be a new lover in the early, building stages of a partnership or be partners for many years who want to change and improve specific aspects of your relationship. I believe there is hope. Your dreams can come true.

Contact me to learn the couple skills you need to improve your relationship.


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